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Remote Learning

Remote Learning Guidance During 2021 College Closure

The general principles as shared to staff and students are as follows:

  • We will follow the college timetable for all lessons
  • Microsoft Teams will be our platform for remote education - you can find extensive guidance on this page and the Office 365 / TEAMS guide page on how to use this platform
  • Teachers will record attendance for each session - this attendance data will be part of our feedback on student engagement - unexplained absence will be followed up by our attendance and pastoral teams as usual
  • Lessons will follow the planned curriculum that would have been in place for the Spring term.  The only time that staff might deviate from this is in consideration of the best use of time and materials that might lend themselves well to remote delivery - for example, lessons that do not rely on practical experiments or use of technology.  Shifting these plans to a more theory-based delivery will release classroom time for extended practical use once we return to college
  • Lessons should be a mix of live content, individual tasks and provide an opportunity for feedback and assessment
  • Teachers are encouraged to monitor email and Teams chat during the college working day to be able to support students
  • Assessments will be completed in Teams via the Assignments tab - assessed work should be clear to understand with deadlines that give enough time for effective completion


How much work should my child expect?

We are following the DfE guidance that clearly sets out:

Secondary school-aged pupils not working towards formal qualifications this year

Up to 5 hours of remote learning each day which will be a mix of live lessons, recorded content and individual tasks

Secondary school-aged pupils working towards formal qualifications this year

Up to 7 hours of remote learning each day which will be a mix of live lessons, recorded content, individual tasks and independent revision


What if my child does not have access to digital or online resources at home?

The Government has provided a very small number of laptops to be available for use at home - we have also sought support from the local community in gifting devices that are no longer used.  We also have a very small number of places available as part of our keyworker provision in college for those students who are unable to work from home.  If you have difficulties in accessing the internet or remote learning then please contact Mr Max Grezio, Assistant Principal on 

Engagement and Feedback

All students are expected with all lessons and assignments during remote learning.  Attendance and assignment completion will be recorded and monitored.  Contact will be made with parents weekly where a student is not engaging to a satisfactory level.  Parents should ensure their child has a place to work during the college day and that any barriers to them engaging in remote learning are shared with the college so solutions can be found.

How will you assess my child’s work and progress?

Feedback will be provided on work set through an assignment.  This may be through a number of way including individual comments, grades or marks, whole-class feedback or discussion and modelling in live lessons.  The method of feedback will vary to meet the needs of the student, and the nature of the task set.

How will you work with me to help my child who needs additional support from adults at home to access remote education?

We have prioritised support for students with EHCPs and are in regular contact with those students and parents to make sure they are in receipt of support with remote learning or invited into college to take part in our keyworker provision.  We have a number of our teaching assistants supporting lessons in college or through the remote delivery by working with the parents and students to support work completion.  If you have any questions regarding the provision and support for students with educational needs then please contact our SENDV coordinator Mrs Sally Kay 

If you have any concerns regarding remote learning,  please speak to your child’s senior tutor or Samantha Rayner, Vice Principal.

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