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Year 8 Guided Choices

This is an exciting time for all young people and, although relatively straightforward for many, it can be both confusing and overwhelming. To help you, we provide a range of guidance and support about potential choices. The information on these pages is a starting point. The key questions to discuss at home and with your tutor when choosing options will be:

  • In which subjects am I most likely to succeed?
  • Which subjects do I enjoy?
  • Which subjects will enable me to progress to my preferred further education course(s)?
  • How can I achieve the best qualifications to support me in my future life?

Please use these resources, talk to your tutor and take advantage of taster sessions for subjects that you may not have studied yet which are available to you now.

Key Dates

Friday 31st January 2020

Guided Choices booklet issued to students.

Tuesday 4th February 2020

Year 8 ‘Guided Choices Evening’ 6pm – 8pm, Assembly Hall.

Tuesday 11th  February 2020

Year 8 Parents’ Evening.
Your chance to discuss choices with your family and tutor.  

Monday 24th February – Wednesday 18th March 2020

Window for taster sessions in Guided Choices subjects.

More detail about this will be given on the Guided Choices Evening.

By Friday 20th  March 2020

Choices complete and final form handed to tutor.