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Library Resource Centre (LRC)

Library Resource Centre (LRC)

At Ely College, we are fortunate to have a new purpose built Library Resource Centre, which was opened at the beginning of 2016. It houses a book stock of 14,000 plus computers, tablets and I-pads, DVDs and audio books and e-books.

The LRC is open daily between 8am and 4.30pm for students to read, complete homework and coursework or take part in the many activities which take place in the LRC.

Mrs Shaw is our Chartered Librarian and staffs the LRC with the help of a team of student librarians. Between 3pm and 4.30pm there are Teaching Assistants available to help students with homework.

Students are able to borrow 3 books for 2 weeks. They also have access to computers and printing.

Student Librarians

Students can apply to become a Student Librarian from Year 8 upwards. They are trained to issue and return books using the Oliver Library Management System, shelve books and serve in the School Shop. Their training prepares them to volunteer in any public library, should they wish to do so. Many of our Student Librarians have worked as volunteers for the local public library’s summer reading schemes, which gives them valuable work experience.

Reading Group

The Reading Group meets weekly during Monday morning break. Students from all years are welcome. The aim of the group is to celebrate and enjoy books and reading. Students help choose new books and recommend books to other students. They also take part in book awards, this culminates in participation in the prestigious national Carnegie Book Award during the summer term.

School Shop

The School Shop is located in the LRC and is run by Student Librarians. It is open during all school hours. Prices are kept as low as possible to ensure that students are able to be fully equipped for learning at the lowest possible cost.

Access to the Oliver catalogue

Students can access the main Oliver catalogue from any computer in the College or from home.

To do this, students must log onto the main Ely College website using their username and password.

On the student page click on ‘my LRC account’. This will load the Oliver catalogue where students can search for both books and websites. All websites are loaded as part of the Library Management System and up-dated monthly.

On the left hand side of the screen is the heading ‘Lists’ this gives access to lists of books recommended under the headings of Key Stage 3, Keys Stage 4, Key Stage 5 and Carnegie.

This guides students towards further reading appropriate to their level.

Use of the LRC during lesson time

As reading is a key part of education, all students have introductory lessons on using the LRC which are led by the Librarian. As part of English lessons, they regularly visit the LRC to borrow books and read. Various activities are led by the Librarian throughout the year to reinforce the research skills taught at the beginning of the year. These include a murder mystery activity and a reading game.

Students are taught about plagiarism and how to reference. These skills are reinforced throughout their time at the College.

All staff are able to book research lessons in the LRC where they have access to both books and computers.

For further information or enquiries regarding the LRC, please contact Mrs Shaw: