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The information below has been together following the updated guidance from the body that regulates Exams in England, the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ). This guidance covers the special considerations process and whilst we hope and expect all of our students will be able to sit all of their exams this summer we felt it important to highlight the support available should any exams be missed.

We strongly believe that the best possible chance of success all students have is to sit all of their exams in full as we know our staff and students, with your support at home, have and are working incredibly hard to ensure they are fully prepared for the summer.

The guidance from JCQ highlights the normal process for students to apply for special considerations should this be necessary, this is the link to that guidance in full : special consideration guidance for centres in England

This guidance has been updated to include reference to the support available to students should they be impacted by COVID during the exam session.

Following UKHSA guidance, the JCQ guidance makes clear that:

  • Candidates who are 18 and under who are unwell and have a high temperature, should be advised not to attend exams until they feel better and no longer have a temperature.
  • Candidates who are 19 and over who have symptoms of a respiratory infection and a high temperature or do not feel well, should be advised not to attend exams until they feel better and no longer have a high temperature.
  • Candidates who test positive for Covid (if they have chosen to take a test or have been directed to do so by a medical professional) should be advised not to attend exams for 3 days if they’re 18 or under, or 5 days if they’re 19 or over.

In the above situations, the school, on a students behalf, can apply for special consideration on the grounds of ‘absent from exam’. No specific evidence is required, but we are are asked to ensure students to complete a revised version of JCQ Form 14 (which will be supplied upon request), on which they self-authenticate and sign to say they are not committing exam malpractice.

There is a relaxation of the rules in 2022 in applying for special consideration on the grounds of absence. Students can still get a grade if they have completed one unit/exam, ie if they complete Paper 1 and 2 but miss Paper 3 their grade will be calculated from the papers they have completed.

Whilst we are pleased to share the information in this letter and the reassurance for students and parents about how any absence will be mitigated in 2022 we would again reinforce that we believe students have the greatest chance of success if they sit all of their exams, which we will support them with over the course of the summer.