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Ely College

Ely College

Meridian Trust secondary schools join forces for hub event

We were proud to hold a hub event for secondary schools across Meridian Trust, sharing resources and creating opportunities for student collaboration. The three hub schools (The Ferrers School, Swavesey Village College and Sawtry Village Academy) played host to secondary schools across our Trust for an afternoon of activities, focusing on three subject areas: Geography, History and Modern Foreign Languages (MFL).

During the MFL session, students looked at other means of communication, centred on sign language. The objective of the session was to develop students’ ability to work in a team, to improve their communication skills, as well as to have a better appreciation of the diverse language needs in today’s world.

As part of the geography session, students in Year 7 looked at disaster management, considering different types of hazards, how we respond to these and trying to build and design earthquake-proof buildings. The aim of this session was for students to understand the link between engineering and geography.

For History, the three hub schools participated in sessions all focussed on investigating different types of sources. At Swavesey Village College where our Ely College students attended, they examined objects, artefacts and sources from The Fitzwilliam Museum which were created before, during, and after the transatlantic slave trade – these form part of the collection at the University of Cambridge Museums.


Guest speaker, Dr Zoe Farrell from the University of Cambridge visited Sawtry Village Academy to deliver a valuable talk on sources and material culture and provide students with in-depth knowledge on life in sixteenth-century Europe. Using sources from the National Archives, students at The Ferrers School reviewed Chamberlain and Hitler documents to explore the policy of appeasement before World War II.

We are so proud of our students for their hard work and for showing such an enthusiasm for learning. It was fantastic to see everyone working well together and making friends with students from other schools.

Well done to all the students involved, the three hub schools in particular for being such welcoming hosts and to Ross Perkins, Ines McMahon and Alan Lovesey, the subject leads for History, MFL and Geography, who collaborated to provide such a well organised and productive session for our students.

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