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  • Minibus Reminder

    Published 28/09/22

    🚐 Just a quick reminder about our Minibus. Students will be notified if for any reason the mini bus can not run after Session 6 & students can contact home via the House Offices to arrange collection. With traffic & route changes we do not guarantee a drop off time per stop 🚐

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  • Cambridge and Oxford Boat Race athletes visit Ely College to inspire students

    Published 23/09/22

    On Wednesday 21st September, Ely College welcomed representatives from both Oxford and Cambridge University Boat Clubs and The Boat Race Company (BRCL) for a day of workshops, competitive training exercises and inspiring conversation.

    The College, which is part of Meridian Trust, prides itself on extending the boundaries of learning. Principal of Ely College, Simon Warburton said “our vision is to provide an education that’s inspiring and equips students with the skills they need to succeed beyond the classroom and today has been a perfect example of that.”

    Mr Coe said “I’m thrilled that we’ve been able to offer this opportunity to our students and I’d like to thank everyone who’s been involved in making today happen. I’m also delighted that our ongoing partnership with local rowing club, Isle of Ely is proving so successful. Over 180 students so far, have been able to try rowing, thanks to this partnership. Rowing is a sport that most students wouldn’t have ever considered before, so it’s a wonderful opportunity.”

    As part of the day, student athletes from Oxford and Cambridge Boat Clubs ran interactive workshops, covering topics, such as achieving a balance between academia and sport and lessons to be learned from success and failure.

    Alannah Burdess is a Classics Undergraduate at Oxford University and a Cox for the University Boat Club. “It’s fantastic that students at Ely College are being introduced to rowing at a relatively early age. My advice to them? Keep going and most importantly, remember to have fun. Even at a competitive level, we always try to have fun. Being active every day and working towards a common goal with the squad has undoubtedly had a positive effect on all aspects of my life, so it’s great to be able to share my rowing journey with these students and hopefully inspire them to find a passion for the sport”

    The Boat Race Bursary, funded by Gemini has been awarded to the college, enabling Assistant Principal, Jason Coe and his team to immerse students in a sport which has historically been perceived as financially, physically and even mentally inaccessible to most.

    Furthermore, thanks to a partnering programme with the local rowing club, Isle of Ely, students have been able to access regular expert coaching and use rowing equipment from the club.

    Athletes included Cam Spiers, CUBC (Goldie 2021, 2022)

    Elena von Mueller CUBC (Blondie 2021, 2022)

    Julia Lindsay – OUWBC Student Athlete (Blue Boat 2021, 2022)

    Alannah Burdess - OUBC

    Siobhan Cassidy, Board Member of The Boat Race Company Limited and stroke seat of the winning Cambridge Blue Boat 1995 said:

    “The Boat Race Bursary, funded by Gemini, is delighted to support Ely College Rowing Club under Jason Coe’s inspirational leadership. The collaboration between Isle of Ely Rowing Club, Ely College and the British rowing community makes this project incredibly special.

    “We founded the Bursary to drive projects just like this one. We believe that sport can build a better future for all. We support coaches, leaders and experts in the heart of their local communities to open our sport up to young people who may have never considered rowing before. We would like to thank Gemini for funding this valuable work.

    “Oxford and Cambridge athletes swapped stories with the Ely College rowers about their shared experiences both in and out of the boat. We came away from today feeling inspired. It reminded us of how we started out on our own rowing journeys and how far that experience has brought us, together. We look forward to sharing the water with this new generation of junior rowers.”


    A spokesperson for Gemini said:

    “The projects we have chosen to sponsor provide life-changing opportunities to make sport and rowing both inclusive and accessible to young people who would otherwise be excluded. The popularity of the sport has grown tremendously over the years, and we are excited to help grow the sport further by bringing it to a more diverse and inclusive audience.”

    Ely played host to the 2021 Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race, due to concerns over social distancing amid the Covid-19 pandemic. This was the first time the iconic race had taken place outside of London since the Second World War and this lasting partnership shows the legacy of this event in inspiring a new generation of rowers in Ely.

    To find out more about Ely College, please visit:


    Photo Captions:

    1. Student Athletes, Boat Club Company & Ely College Staff
    2. Cam Spiers – student athlete for CUBC talks to Ely students about his rowing journey
    3. Alannah Burdess – Student Athlete for OUBC, overseeing the Erg race
    4. Group photo of all involved in the day
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  • Open Evening - 6th October 2022

    Published 21/09/22

    Ely College Open Evening - 6th October 2022

    We are delighted to welcome Year 6 students and their families to explore what Ely College can offer for their education. We look forward to meeting you on the evening.

    Timed entry slots are available between 5pm and 7pm.

    Last admission will be at 7pm with the event finishing at 8pm. Please use the link below to BOOK YOUR PLACE. The Principal's presentation will be on a loop in the main hall and available online after the event. This will allow families to enter at staggered timed slots and then explore at their own pace over the evening. 

    Our Senior Leadership Team will be dotted across the school at key information points, SSA's will be available in House Offices and our student guides will be on hand to help direct you across the school site. Departments will be showcasing their curriculum in dedicated rooms on the ground floors for full accessibility. The second floor LRC (Library Resource Centre) and our Hair and Beauty Salon will be open and accessible via the lifts.

    Both car parks will be open, but we kindly ask that you first enter via main reception. Maps will be given out on the evening; we kindly ask that you hand these back at the end of your visit.

    BOOK YOUR TIMED ENTRY SLOT via Eventbrite. Click here:  

    The Eventbrite link and bookable slots will go LIVE on Thursday 22nd September at 6pm.

    Please check back soon.

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  • School Closure - Bank Holiday confirmed Mon 19th Sept 2022 to mark Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II state funeral

    Published 12/09/22

    Dear Parent/Carer
    We have had confirmation that Monday 19th September 2022 has been designated a Bank Holiday to mark the state funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. As a result of this change the college will be closed to staff and students. We will not be setting work to be completed on this day and would encourage students to watch the events as they unfold.
    There are no plans to add this day back to the academic year over the coming months. The number of schools days has been adjusted from 190 to 189 for the remainder of this academic year.
    We have limited our usual social media updates and publications to mark the period of national mourning. We will keep our notifications for the week ahead for only those updates that are urgent in nature.
    Yours faithfully
    Simon Warburton

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  • Tuesday 19th July - heatwave

    Published 17/07/22

    We will be shortening lessons on Tuesday 19th of July to close to students at 13:05

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  • Thousands of students shine during Activities Week 2022

    Published 08/07/22

    What a truly fantastic week it has been.

    From technology talent to athletic ability; maths mastery to culinary creativity, this last five days has really shown the very best of Meridian Trust’s secondary schools.

    Thousands of students from across our 12 secondary schools have got together at various events to participate in Activities Week 2022.

    These events included English Enrichment Day; Design and Technology Day with ‘Power to Inspire’; History and Religious Studies (based in the cathedral city of Ely); Athletics Festival; A-Level Maths for students with EOC 8/9; Esports competition; Chef’s table food technology, and a Science investigation and competition.

    All of these events provided an excellent opportunity for students to meet with peers across Meridian Trust and develop their knowledge and interest in these activity areas, with a healthy dose of competition added to the mix.

    Mark Woods, Meridian Trust CEO, said: “One of our core values is The Pursuit of Excellence, where we support our pupils with an academically rigorous curriculum that stretches and challenges each of them to develop their aspirations.

    “Activities Week has really proven how we can do this not only at a school level but also as a Trust collective.

    “It has been fantastic to see and hear about all the events that have taken place across our schools this week. It’s the first time we have been able to organise an event like this of such a scale since Covid and I hope all our pupils have relished the opportunity to meet with pupils from other schools, practice and learn new skills, and have some healthy competition.”

    A focal point of the week was the Meridian Trust launch event held at Peterborough’s Key Theatre on Wednesday 6th July. This event featured a dazzling display of music, singing and dance from across our secondary school under the direction of our Director of Music, Audrey Caldwell. There was a special guest speech from former Olympian Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards.

    We thank everyone from Sharnbrook Academy, Lincroft Academy, Nene Park Academy, Swavesey Village College, Sawtry Village Academy, North Cambridge Academy, Greater Peterborough UTC, Stratton Upper School, Ely College, Northstowe Secondary College, Stamford Welland Academy and The Ferrers School, who has helped to make this week such a huge success.

    Roll on Activities Week 2023!

                                                                                                                           From the Meridian Trust website

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  • Back with a BANG! Return of the Ely College Science Festival

    Published 23/06/22

    On the 16th and 17th June, Ely College saw the triumphant return of their Science Festival! This two day event is weeks in the making, as Year 8 hosted their Science Fair on day one and Year 7 families joined us on day two.  With restrictions preventing the event last year, staff and students wanted this year's Festival to come back with a BANG and they certainly exceeded all expectations!

    Over the last month of so, Year 7 and 8 students have been working hard in their science lessons to come up with an investigation which they can then plan, test, evaluate and present. There was a huge variety in the projects they came up with including dissections, titrations and 'flying teabags'... with some very interesting results.


    These projects allowed the KS3 students to have their first independent attempt at following the scientific method; to take on a whole project that they could take ownership for, from start to finish. It also meant that, for Year 8, they were able to submit their projects for the Bronze Crest Award. CREST is a scheme that inspires young people to think and behave like scientists and engineers. Find out more here: 


    It was so nice to see how proud the students were of the work they had produced and a really nice opportunity for parents to see what they’d been working on; some of them visiting college for the first time. Mr O'Neil, Science Teacher and lead on this year's two day Science Festival event commented: "Verbal feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and we hope that the science fairs will be as popular next year."


    Mr Warburton who attended the festival each day, engaging students in their presentations and asking questions, commented on the two day event: "It was wonderful to see so many parents and carers give up their time in the morning to visit our science fairs and talk through the students’ projects with them.  It was already a hot day without all the Bunsen burners on, but the students loved being able to show their science investigations to such a wide and expert audience."

    "After a period of not being able to welcome parents into college, to see at first hand the quality of the students’ work and their interactions with each other, I was thrilled to see so many visitors.  We will look for more opportunities to invite parents and carers in to College in the future."

    Well done to everyone who took part and thank you to families and staff who visited to engage with our students. This is an amazing experience for them and counts towards their PLEDGES record and awards.


    Didn't spot your child in these photos? There are many more on our socials. Please head over to @ElyCollegeMT to see photos on Facebook and @elycollege to follow us on Twitter.



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    Published 06/06/22

    Our new PTFA are keen to run a second-hand uniform sale to raise funds for college. The sale will take place during the Year 6 ‘Meet the Tutor’ eve on Tues 12th July, 4-5.30pm. All families are welcome to attend, regardless of their child’s year group.


    If you have any old or spare uniform that you are willing to donate to the sale, collection points are in House Offices or please drop off in reception by Friday 1st July. Huge thank you for your support!

    REMEMBER we also still need picture frames for our gallery! Thank you for your donations so far!

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  • Ely College welcomes Jewish Free School to explore their shared heritage

    Published 10/05/22

    Last week the History department, had the pleasure of taking a group of Year 9 students into Ely for a rare shared cultural experience; to meet up with the London based 'Jewish Free School' and learn more about the Jewish evacuees who came to Ely during the Blitz to escape the heavy bombings in the East End. Their own Year 9 students along with staff were visiting the City and the rural communities that hosted Jewish Free School evacuees during WW2.

    The day started with a workshop at Ely Museum where students gained an insight into our shared heritage, hearing in-person, the experiences of evacuee Michael Cohen, and considering the challenges faced by JFS students. 


    For the Jewish children of the East End back then, it was the first time they had left London and lived outside of their community.  For the people of Ely, a largely Christian community at the time, It was the first time that many of them had ever met a Jew. What followed was a story of friendships forged across the barriers of religion and class.

    Later in the day the Jewish Free School students enjoyed a walking tour of the city. They visited the Countess Free Church hall that was given over to act as a Synagogue; which Michael clearly recalls as the venue of the Pesach Seder he experienced during evacuation. They also visited Oliver Cromwell's House which at the time was the home of Mrs Knowles, the vicar's wife, who was instrumental in setting up the Jewish boys' hostel for 70 refugees, as well as the schoolhouse near St Mary's Surgery.


    The village of Isleham also welcomed students to view the Menorah that JFS students handcrafted in 1940 and donated to the community as a gift of gratitude. It is still displayed and used in the village church. Today, many members of the Ely community remember the children they knew, and it is wonderful to welcome a new generation of students from the Jewish Free School to maintain a link between our communities.

    Being reminded of the importance of 'welcoming the stranger' and how the actions of individuals, such as Mrs Knowles can make a difference seems pertinent given current events. Those at Ely College look forward to continuing the tradition of building a relationship between our two communities, widening horizons and breaking down prejudice and misconceptions about different faiths.

    The BBC documented the day as part of a news item marking the commemoration of VE Day on 8th May. We hope some of you manage to see it. The highlights on BBC Breakfast News are no longer on IPlayer.




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  • Short-listed Author Julian Sedgewick visits Ely College Reading Group ahead of Carnegie Shadowing and Awards

    Published 03/05/22

    Great to welcome back Julian Sedgwick last week to visit our Reading group students and talk about Julian Sedgwick Yoto Carnegie Greenaway Awards 'Carnegie Shadowing'. From now until June, students are encouraged to read as many of the 8 short-listed books as possible, they will then be able to vote for their favourite book!

    There are 2 prizes awarded to authors, one is the librarian’s choice and one is the student’s choice. Carnegie is the most prestigious book award for authors of young people’s fiction. Julian very kindly gave his time to attend Reading Group after school to answer questions from the students about his short-listed book ‘Tsunami Girl’. He also showed them some of his notes from planning the material and shared with students how much it means to him to be short-listed for this award.

    We wish him every success. As an official Carnegie Shadowing School, Students will be watching the award ceremony via a live link with London on 16th June.



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  • Ely College students reach Westminster as Lucy Frazer MP hosts the annual schools debating competition in Parliament

    Published 29/04/22

    Lucy Frazer MP welcomed students from South East Cambridgeshire to Parliament last week as part of her annual schools debating competition. 

    Ely College Debating Club, joined students from Linton Village College, Witchford Village College, Soham Village College and Impington Village College to take part in two debates as part of the competition. 

    The first was ‘This House believes that Scotland should remain part of the UK’ and the second ‘This House believes that animal testing is unnecessary’. 


    Having previously visited Ely College for the earlier rounds, it was a momentous occasion for our students to visit Westminster for the final debate.

    The competition was judged by Alex Chalk, MP for Cheltenham and solicitor general who offered students practical advice on giving a speech, including how to construct persuasive arguments and the importance of the concluding parts of a debate. 

    Year 11 Charlotte was selected as one of the winners, for their overall high standard of debate. Huge congratulations to her, the Ely College Debating Club and all those from local schools who took part.

    A big thank you goes out to Mr Burke and Ms Clark-Hope for coaching and organising this regular Session 6 club and accompanying them to London.

    Lucy Frazer MP said: “It was fantastic to welcome students and teachers back to Parliament."

    “This is the highlight of my parliamentary year, and the arguments and standard of debate by those taking part were very convincing.” 

    The winners of Lucy Frazer MP's annual schools debating competition were Reece (L - Witchford Village College,) Charlotte (M - Ely College) and Phoebe (R - Impington Village College). - Credit: Lucy Frazer MP


    Read the full local news article here:

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  • Bishop Laney Applied Science BTEC trip to the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

    Published 27/04/22

    On 20th April students taking the Applied Science BTEC course visited the Wellcome Trust Wellcome Sanger Institute. They learnt about the research being done at the world leading centre for genomics including the crucial part they played in the understanding of the Covid-19 virus and the development of a vaccine.

    They also had a talk from a researcher from the company Illumina who are leading the way in sequencing technologies to help better understand inherited diseases, including cancer. The students enjoyed this unique opportunity to see a working DNA sequencing laboratory and were able to have a go at using bioinformatic software.

    Find out more here:   Huge thank you to Mr Fricker and Yourgenome for organising this fantastic trip!

    Home | Wellcome Genome Campus


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