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Learner Feedback

Learner Feedback Autumn 2018

Plumbing Workshop

"Exceptionally useful!"

First Aid at Work

"I can now help others! I have a new life skill"

Indian Streetfood Workshop

"I have enjoyed making food I would not think to do at home"

"Nice friendly environment, good knowledge & tips on how to cook recipes"

"I loved meeting other students, genuine foodies!"

Ballroom Dancing Workshop

"Time passed so quickly, I learnt such a lot!"

Thai Cookery Workshop

"Lovely teacher - excellent recipes"

"Well taught & informative, useful cooking techniques learnt"


"I learnt new ways to incorporate mindfulness into everyday life as a means to improve quality of life"

French Conversation Daytime

"The members of the class are interesting & always encouraged to speak about their experiences"

Life Drawing

"Very relaxing yet challenging drawing class"

Japanese for Beginners

"The classes were a good way to switch off from work issues & get relaxed.  I learnt about a different language & culture"

"The classes were dynamic"


Spring 2019

Painting & Drawing

"Lovely people, smashing teacher, relaxing"

"This course is giving me the confidence to have a go & enjoyment of exploring my creative skills"

"I like being part of a friendly group with shared interest"


French Beginners

"Friendly, relaxed & safe learning environment"

"Well paced, informative & varied teaching methods"

Encouragement & relaxed atmosphere.  Accessible learning materials"


Summer 2019

Cook Together - Cheap as Chips

"Loved the recipes, time out with my son, easy to cook, store cupboard ingredients, taking our cooking home!"

"Lovely friendly teacher and a relaxed atmosphere.  Recipes were really well planned and all resources well prepared"