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E-Safety Advice for Parents

Please take a look at some of the parent guides in the PDF attachments below and on our Safeguarding Students page here.

Assess the risks and opportunities:

  • Where are the devices? What can they do? Can your child get online in his / her bedroom?
  • Have you enabled any parental settings on devices / the internet as it comes into the house?
  • Disable or cover webcams to avoid accidental sharing of images and talk to your child about the risks of sharing images
  • Be clear about what your child is actually doing online?  Beware of this changing over time without you really realising!
  • Explore what your child is doing online, and where they go and who they can talk to.

Know where to go for help, advice and more information:


  • Children’s use of technology presents both opportunities and risks which parents are constantly trying to balance.
  • There’s no such thing as risk free – have you minimised the risks to your child to a level you are comfortable with? 
  • Make conscious decisions about Content, Contact and Conduct risks online.
  • Take an active interest in your child’s online activity.  Get them to show you – make it clear from the beginning that you’re interested and would like to be involved.
  • Remember NSPCC’s TEAM message – Talk, Explore, Agree, Manage.