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Ely College, as part of CMAT believe in an all-round education where ‘every child develops self-confidence, life-skills and leadership experiences’.  In order to support our challenging curriculum, we have also developed and invested in a simple, but broad set of Academy PLEDGES that students are expected to complete during the course of their time at Ely College.

These PLEDGES are modelled on the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme in that each student is expected to complete at least one PLEDGE in every Bronze section by the end of year 9 and Silver section by the end of year 11.  For those who want to progress more quickly there is a Gold PLEDGES Award and this will be presented to each successful student by a senior member of the CMAT trust at a special Award ceremony.    

At Bronze, Silver and Gold levels:

In essence, PLEDGES is an Awards system which offers students a range of character building opportunities that enhance their learning and development.

 The PLEDGES system aims to encourage and support many important qualities in students such as leadership, citizenship, moral purpose, sense of community and collective responsibility.   Many of the PLEDGES criteria have at their core the British Values of: Democracy; The rule of law; Individual Liberty; Mutual Respect and Tolerance.

PLEDGES and Futures Days

For these days pupils are off timetable and are provided with the opportunity to work towards achieving their PLEDGES or broadening their experiences and work towards their future and careers. Ely College offers a PLEDGES scheme as its social rewards system with the focus on extending the boundaries of pupils learning. This system works on celebrating pupils successes outside the classroom as well as in it.

Our PLEDGES and Futures Days enables students to take part in a variety of activities, both on and off school site, and outside providers are also invited into school to support the students' experiences. Some examples of activities which students have previously undertaken are:

  • Jobs, careers and skills workshops
  • Entrepreneurship and enterprise research and;
  • The National Enterprise Challenge
  • Dragon's Den style pitches
  • Focus on personal finances and economic wellbeing
  • Preparing for higher education
  • Work Readiness including interview techniques
  • Question Time with local MP
  • Citizenship, Diversity and Prejudices
  • British values, including voting, suffrage, migration and identity